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We've compiled a variety of video clips and talks that take a deep dive into specific topics related to the faith. Watch on your own or with your men's group to gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of our Catholic Faith!

The Importance of St. Joseph
Father Rudy Garcia

Seven Ways To Pray
Patrick Coffin

God Is Love
Father Augustine Lieb TOR

Fear Is The Enemy Of Faith
Patrick Coffin

Finding Faith In The Army
Father James Flynn

Problems In The Church
Father Mitch Pacwa

Sexual Culture War
Patrick Coffin

If I Were The Devil
Jesse Romero

Male Camaraderie
Patrick Coffin

Wounded Father, Abandoned Son
Patrick Coffin

A Call To Valor 
Father Wade Menezes

The Eucharist
Father James Flynn

The Secret To Christian Manhood
Patrick Coffin

Being A Loyal Son Of The Church 
Father Bill Casey

How To Reach Teenagers
Patrick Coffin

Papal Infallibility
Patrick Coffin

Examination of Conscience
Father Larry Richards

Sports Replacing Faith
Patrick Coffin

For additional resources, look to our resource guide!

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